Do Lightsaber Duels Look Choreographed?

By Caitlin Mclaren - Culture Editor

The later released prequels of Star Wars have often been heavily criticized for how choreographed their sequences look throughout filming. So are they over-choreographed or was the plot line just too predictable to shock us? 

Episode I 

When watching the film for the first time, everyone loved Qui-Gon Jinn, he had the nature of a hero with a massive list of likable characteristics. Obviously when he was killed by Darth Maul during the final lightsaber fight scene, there was bound to be massive upset. It happened suddenly and sent out a massive shockwave. Upon watching the film again, we see that there was no Darth Maul or Qui-Gon Jinn destined for the other films so the audience therefore see what happened as a predictable outcome with the scene being heavily choreographed. I think truthfully what happens is that it’s harder for the audience to make a connection with a character that they know is only going to be in one film.

Although fans refer to this scene as a good scene, it’s now renounced as nothing more. I think this was because of the characters involved…not the actual scene itself which featured a lot of astonishing cinematography.

Episode II 

Again, if you watch this film as a Star Wars virgin then the fight between Obi Wan and Anakin versus Count Dooku has us on our seats because we see Obi Wan following in Qui-Gon’s footsteps. That is until Yoda turns up and you do feel that the day has really been saved! Again, if you’re a big fan of the older Star Wars then you will know that Dooku is hardly a significant character so it takes the shine off what could of been an exciting bout.

Again, I see the problem is the predictability of the story line but not in fact the fight scene, it’s well choreographed but definitely not over-choreographed.

Episode III

The Battle of Mustafar becomes the most emotion filled fight within the whole bunch of fights that we see from Star Wars. Mostly because you know how close that Obi Wan and Anakin were that you can’t believe the change that Anakin has faced over the trilogy. To really set the scene, there is so much emotion because they’ve grew up together and were best friends for years which takes the weight off the Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker Fight.

Unfortunately what ruins this fight is that you know neither character can die, even though it is full of near death experiences, you know both characters are safe which makes it rather boring and predictable.

I don’t believe that the choreography is over done but more the story line was dull leading to fan confusion! In order to avoid this predictability they should of released the prequels before the main story!

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