Scared You’ve Got A Ghost Haunting You? Watch These…

Ashleigh Clarke

There are so many paranormal TV shows nowadays it’s hard to pick just one to watch, from the delightfully fake but entertaining Most Haunted, to the more serious Ghost Hunters, here are some of the most entertaining paranormal TV shows to date!

The Dead Files (2011 -)

The show features Amy Allen – a physic medium with an apparent sixth sense alongside her partner, former NYPD Homicide Detective, Steve DiSchiavi who has over 21 years’ experience in the force. They both investigate properties that people have reported there being frequent paranormal activity. What’s great is that they explore on their own and pair back up at the end to compare notes.

Celebrity Ghost Stories (2009-)

This show interviews various celebrities who have experienced some sort of paranormal entity or activity. It also features dramatic re-enactments so the audience can really get a feel for what happened. Check out Matthew Gray Gubler’s, it still gives me the chills.

A Haunting (2005-)

A Haunting goes that little bit further and depicts actual eyewitness accounts of unexplained circumstances, possessions and exorcisms. It features detailed narrations, interviews, and like Celebrity Ghost Stories, re-enactments of what’s happened in various haunted locations, but mainly normal, family houses.

Haunted Collector (2011-2013)

Even though this isn’t aired anymore, it’s different from the others as it focuses on collecting apparent haunted artefacts that frequent many different locations all over the country. These objects may be the source of paranormal and poltergeist activity. If you’ve seen the Conjuring, the show is basically Ed and Lorraine’s room of objects.

Ghost Hunters (2004-)

Two men by the name of Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson investigate supposed haunted locations all across America. Originally, they were plumbers but ended up taking on the job full time and with the use of the most up to date equipment, they can decipher whether or not it’s an angry demon or leaking pipes.

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