Does Wonder Woman’s sexuality help or hinder?

Ashleigh Clarke - Reporter

The LGBTQIA community has always been held back in terms of accurate representation on TV, in films and yes, even in books. Always being portrayed as being their stereotypical counterparts, it’s a joyous occasion and one to be celebrated –  when one of your favourite characters, and a comic book one at that, is confirmed to be bisexual.

See, bisexuality isn’t something that has been explored greatly within the media, and has often deemed people as being ‘confused’ or ‘you’re just going through a phase’, which, what?

So, the confirmation that Wonder Woman has officially come out has had some pretty positive reactions. But! Does this help or hinder the bisexual community?

Well, I guess some people would ask why her sexuality wasn’t canon years ago, but that could be down to the era and the years in which she was created. The 1940’s was a period when women were seen as housewives, cleaning, cooking and satisfying her man. Yeah, it was pretty sexist. And pretty homophobic.

Fast forward the years a bit, and the LGBTQIA community were as strong as ever but still weren’t welcomed with open arms into society due to heterosexual patriarchy. But, why you ask me? The answer is, I don’t know. See, there were many bisexual heroes back then as there are now; musicians such as Freddy Mercury and David Bowie, activists by the name of Cynthia Slater and David Lourea all made an impact within the LGBTQIA community, so why would a bisexual superhero been any different?

The long answer, comic books are mass produced made for mass audiences, sales may have dropped if fans didn’t like the idea of a woman being strong, independent and bisexual – and that sucks. It could’ve sparked an outcry and companies wouldn’t have wanted the, ‘bad publicity’.

The short answer, because people were too closed minded to accept there was more than one sexuality.

So why now, why wait this long, why did there have to be a right moment?

Well, there was never really a right moment – DC Comics Writer Greg Rucka explicitly states that it’s always been there and if you can find it, then there’s your answer. It may have been subtle, but it was always there for people to find. He has previously criticized other comic books for the way their characters sexualities have been disclosed and says that their characters have to stand up and scream ‘I’m Gay!’ for it to be evident, which to him, that’s bad writing. Characters are more show than tell, he wants to show you her life, show you her heroism, show you her courage – not outright tell you.

And even though it was not always explicitly evident on the page, Wonder Woman came from a place known as Themyscira a place to be happy and free, and where the population is made up entirely of females, so how could there not have been same sex relationships? Rucka was also quick to point out that Wonder Woman wouldn’t rule out a relationship with Steve Trevor, a previous flame; thus confirming her sexuality even more.

Wonder Woman continues to be a hero for many reasons, so if you’re reading this, and for any reason you feel lost, scared, or even angry, know that this superhero doesn’t let her sexuality define who she is or what she does; her heroism proves that, her kindness proves that and her achievements prove that.

 Her sexuality is something to be celebrated, but it’s what it means to you that matters the most, if you can find it, then it’s there.

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