By Laura Creighton - Deputy Politics Editor

Image: RSBC.TV

DONALD Trump is now the next president of the United States of America after winning 306 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 232.

After winning the key battleground state of Florida with its 29 electoral votes and the bellwether state of Ohio, Trump’s numbers grew and grew throughout the night, seeing victories in swing states such as Ohio and North Carolina. Interestingly, the election saw Hillary Clinton receive the most votes, but the US electoral system caused Trump to emerge victorious.

Predictably, Clinton won a victory in Democratic stronghold California while Trump maintained the Republican claim on Texas. The Republican party have also managed to keep control of the House of Representatives. The night also saw Republicans maintain control over the senate, giving the red party a lot of power over the next four years.

Clinton achieved a strong claim over north-eastern states as well as the swing state of Virginia, while Trump took a large chunk of the south-eastern as well as mid-US states.

After Trump took Florida the dollar saw a sharp decrease, with the US stocks market plunging by 40 points, with Wall Street expecting its biggest ever plunge on Wednesday, with the Dow Jones predicting a worse crash than 2008’s financial crash.

The result sees him taking his place in the White House on January 20 2017, replacing Barack Obama. Gary Johnson, of the Libertarian Party, held on to achieve a commendable 9% of the vote in New Mexico, and 5.4% of the vote in Wyoming and last but not least, 6.9% of the vote in North Dakota.

At a few points throughout the night, Texas was shaded in blue, potentially causing the biggest upset of the election, but this did not last for very long.

The election was a particularly historical one, seeing Donald Trump become the oldest president to be elected at the age of 70, as well as the first president who has not served as governor, senator or within the military.

California has also elected their first mixed race Black-Indian female to the senate in the form of Kamala Harris. Five states were also voting on legalising recreational marijuana, including California, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada and Arizona, with California voting for Prop 64.

In a shocking turn of events, Donald Trump’s second born son, Eric Trump illegally posted a picture of his ballot paper, making it in turn invalid. Early on in the night a shooting occurred in California, causing two polling stations in the area to go into lockdown, leaving one man fatally injured and at least two more wounded.

Pulse Media sends out its condolences to the family of the as yet unnamed deceased.

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