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By Gracie Donoghue

The Big Vote is back for its fourth year and has some big changes in place.
In 2012 The Big Vote was introduced by a previous Campaigns Officer of the Union
Each year students have been able to submit their ideas of what they’d like to see on campus. These ideas have ranges from academic matters to welfare, or from societies to democbig_vote_buttonracy. The Big Vote has proved to be a success over the years with an increase in students voting with last year’s vote count reaching 4826.
Some of last year’s Big Vote suggestions were things such as the Shuttle Bus to the Sports Arena, a Lad Culture campaign and a campaign about the General Election. Last year’s winner was the Shuttle Bus suggestion and the Union worked with the University to secure funds for the transport to the Sports Arena.
Another successful student idea was for there to be a campaign about Lad Culture on campus, this has been the catalyst for #SayNO, a campaign being led by Lucy Haigh Campaigns Officer this year.
This year The Big Vote has moved online, meaning that any time throughout the year students can submit an idea through the Union website. Once a submitted idea is online other students can discuss the idea and once an idea has 50 votes with the majority in favour, it will go to the relevant meeting to be discussed.

The first of the Big Votes will be taken to the Big Meeting on Monday, but you can still submit after that.
If you want to submit an idea you can do so here:

Don’t forget to vote.

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