‘Don’t Frack Lancashire’ Demonstration


By Amy Lee Tempest – Reporter

Protesters of potential fracking in Lancashire will gather outside Lancashire County Hall in Preston on Tuesday 23rd June.

Demonstrators are expected to arrive at the County Hall at 9:30am to hand in a petition against plans to resume fracking in Lancashire after a four-year halt.

Conservatives pro – shale gas and fracking agenda will face a vote by Lancashire councillors on the same day. The demonstrators hope to use creative action to influence the councillors’ decision at 1pm. Talks on the subject from local and national speakers and the rally will begin at 5pm.

Organisers say to expect music, entertainment and refreshments.

Lancashire has been frack free for four years and many locals are hoping to keep it that way. Supporters of the cause include Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and Frack Off who fear that fracking will pose risk to Lancashire’s wildlife, water, air and soil as well as local economy.

The event is free and anyone can go along to voice their views.  For more information, Facebook search ‘Frack Free Lancashire’.

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