Drama for Preston’s Nightlife

Gracie Donoghue - Reporter

Nightclub Owner Andy Mac is still causing a stir around Preston, despite MACs bar having closed for good.

The newest controversy surrounding Andy and his team was an incident at Ships & Giggles pub on Adelphi roundabout on Saturday 23. This is the first incident to happen at the venue since it opened in 2012.

Ships doorman, Henry Fairclough, was involved in an altercation which saw him dragged into the street and jumped after he refused entry to an intoxicated man.

Shortly after, a member of the group involved took to Facebook spreading rumours about the police and the door staff. Andy then responded defending Henry and the police.

The Pulse spoke to Andy, who told us: “My doorman Henry showed amazing courage and discipline when handling the aggressors, I couldn’t be prouder.

“When the police were called they turned up in no time and in numbers and defused the situation further.

“They were prompt and professional and took all the necessary steps. Within minutes they showed up, within minutes they had seen the CCTV and within minutes all necessary arrests were made.”

Andy has been the focal point of drama for the past few years, starting when the bar was facing battles with Lancashire Police and Preston City Council surrounding licensing issues.

Following a spate of disputes MACs was forced to close before it reopened again in January 2016 after a long-haul court dispute.

According to Andy: “The police accused us of being responsible for people congregating in Friargate after hours. We won the dispute in court, allowing us to re-open.”

On September 14 2017 it was announced that MACs was to be closed down for good after 6 years of being one of Preston’s nightlife spots.

Reasons behind the closure were related to high rent fees and owner Andy Mac not having his heart in it 100% due to the stress caused by what he called ‘rumours and lies’.

Andy told The Pulse: “It’s really easy to bully, accuse and spread rumours about people. To ignore them is easier said than done. It did have an effect on me, and I lost the will for MACs a couple of years ago. I wasn’t proud anymore.

“All I ever wanted to do was create the best nights I could for everyone to enjoy, and the thought of being successful whilst doing it was a thrill.”

Andy took to social media to announce the closure with a Facebook status, paying tribute to the club, and wishing other venues in Preston good luck.

One anonymous UCLan student who frequented the club spoke to The Pulse regarding the matter: “It is a real shame that we have lost a nightclub, I had some good times in MACs where I thought all staff were very professional.

“It is a shame that some people will spread lies and rumours for their own satisfaction however I wish Andy and his team luck with Ships & Giggles and Blitz. #Blitztill6”

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