E-cigarettes banned on University premises


UCLan has recently revised its smoking policy to include manufactured e-cigarettes, meaning students are not allowed to smoke any form of substances on the Universities premises.

This policy has been updated after the British Medical Association stated in August 2014 that; “there is a need for research to understand the health impacts of e-cigarettes on both the user and bystanders”.

More recent research, carried out by scientists at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, suggests that e-cigarettes that emissions from the flavourings used cause damage to the lungs. It seems that this is caused when the ‘juice’ inside is heated into an aerosol to be inhaled. This causes lung cells to inflame.

One of the most damaging is cinnamon flavoured, with other sweet flavours causing more damage than straight nicotine. The experiment, carried out on mice, also showed that they weaken the immune system to viruses and bacteria.

The University wants to ensure a healthy working environment for students, staff and visitors alike, which has led to the banning of manufactured cigarettes.

Signs will be updated across the University to signal the changes to the policy.

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