Former Labour Leader Ed Miliband Visits Preston

By Sam Johnson - Head of PR & Social Media

This week, former Leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband visited Preston Flag Market as part of the Labour IN For Britain Campaign.

Mr Miliband came to engage people in why they should vote to stay in the European Union. He talked about collaboration with other EU countries improving the environment as well as the UK economy.

Miliband also talked of solidarity with EU countries, saying,

“The basic principle that we have always had throughout our history is the principal of solidarity. That we achieve more together than we do alone.

“Think about all the achievements that we have as a movement and indeed as a country, the NHS, workers rights, the minimum wage, they came because we looked after each other. And now apply that principle internationally”

The event drew a crowd, consisting mainly of young people from Newman College and the University of Central Lancashire.

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