Editors ‘The Weight of Your Love’ – Review

'Weight of Your Love'

A striking and spiritual aura, that oozes from this record’s every pore, is clear from the first 20 seconds of album opener ‘The Weight’.  It unlocks the record in a strong fashion, stating the bands musical intentions right from the off.

'Weight of Your Love'
‘Weight of Your Love’

The eerie ‘Sugar’ threatens to unleash Editors guitar solos of yesteryear, but withdraws to state the ghostly romantic lyrical bed of the track, “It breaks my heart to love you”.

‘A Ton of Love’, the first single release from the record, quickly lifts the tempo of the piece in trap three. Easily one of the bands song-writing highs of the last decade, the track sets up the remainder of the record up perfectly.

Frontman Tom Smith dips his toe into unfamiliar waters on ‘What is This Thing Called Love?’, by adding a previously un-heard falsetto to his impressive vocal arsenal.

At the very heart of the record, the beautiful ‘Nothing’ really catches you by surprise.  It’s charming, almost poetic tone and lyrical beauty, for instance “Every conversation within you,  starts a celebration in me”, accompanied by the immaculate use of violins, topped off with Smith’s strong yet crooked vocals, creates a masterpiece.

Penultimate track ‘The Phone Book’, exerts a certain quiet charm. The mix of Smith’s painful vocals, with a bedding of tender guitar, really winds down the record to a triumphant close.

‘The Weight Of Your Love’ shows a growth and expansion of Editors’ music that had been lacking for years. Not so much a sign of maturity, but of a complete understanding of who they are. This record is a pleasure to hear. It is comforting and inspiring, charismatic yet heart-breaking. Editors are finally back at their best.

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