England Lionesses’ Roaring Success

2112461_68c3b398By Caitlin Mclaren – Deputy Sports Editor

Even though England finished third in the Women’s World Cup, why should the nation deem this as a massive success?

Progressing through to the semi-finals for the first time in their history, England’s women side got beat 2-1 due to an unfortunate own goal by Laura Bassett leaving the side devastated. This didn’t dishearten them as they faced Germany for third place (the competition favourites) whom they beat 1-0 with a penalty in extra time.

Although not reaching the final, semi-finals should be considered to be a crushing blow but there are many reasons why it should inspire the nation instead.

The women’s team reached the semi-finals for the first time in Canada and looked a happy, organised team; focused and determined as they progressed through the competition. This includes their celebrations upon scoring a goal where they run towards their manager Mark Sampson with an embrace. The team looked to believe they could win the competition and performed confidently throughout. With this mind set, the future can be promising with the Lionesses becoming a talented squad with youth becoming inspired up and down the country.

In a way, it seemed that the side’s main goal was to capture the attention of the nation and inspire young girls showing it’s not just a man’s sport. They certainly have been the talk of the press since they have made it further in the World Cup than the men’s side did in 2014. Their success demanded the attention of the nation and didn’t want to disappoint, this begs the question on whether the popularity of women’s football in England will get the attention it deserves? They have proved they’re worth the time by their display in Canada.

Not just inspiring the public to get involved with football but maybe even teams with huge successes such as Manchester United may launch their own women’s side. By doing this, females get noticed within sport and inevitably promotes equality for both genders.

For me, this World Cup has shown that England has took a massive step in the right direction with the seriousness in which they perceive women in football. Although, men’s football has a lot more popularity, women’s budding future looks promising with the hope of more television coverage so the excitement can build further and get the whole nation intrigued.


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