Equestrian Club To Host Charity Winter Ball

By Karan Gadhia - Sports Editor

The UCLan Equestrian Club are set to host a Winter Ball on the 30th November to raise money for Riding for the Disabled North West.

The event at 53 Degrees is open to all members of the university and includes a free drink on arrival and a three course festive meal.

The charity gives disabled people the opportunity to ride horses and there are 22 RDA groups in the North-West.

Chair of the Equestrian Club, Rebecca Nixon said: “The RDA North West is such an important factor to the club as we do have a disabled rider on the team and Robert brought it to our attention that RDA are all based on help from local communities and raising money allows them to buy equipment they desperately need.

“By the club raising awareness about the RDA we are hoping that people realise that it is another important charity that shouldn’t be sidelined and everything the RDA do is to improve a child’s and adult’s life and sometimes horses can do that.”

To buy a ticket for the ball click here.


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