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ISIS fighters in Syria

It is believed that two brothers have been killed whilst fighting for ISIS.

Abdulrahman Shariff enrolled at UCLan in 2014 whilst his brother, Khalif Shariff was enrolled at Lancaster University.

Their parents are thought to have been told by ISIS militants that the ex-UCLan student Abdulrahman has been killed.

They are now led to believe that their other son, Khalif, has also died.

A UCLan spokesman said: “The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) can confirm that Abdul Rahman Shariff was enrolled as a first year student in the autumn of 2014 but left the University shortly after the commencement of his course.”


Abdulrahman Shariff

An anonymous friend of the brothers,  said: “I found out about two or three weeks after they went to Syria that they were going to fight with ISIS.”

“I used to get on with them pretty well, they always let on to me when I saw them in the street.

“They never showed any signs of being extremists. To look at them, or talk to them, you’d never have known.

“I was very shocked when I heard they had gone to fight – and very shocked when I found out what had happened to them there.

“We’ve heard Abdulrahman has died and that Khalif is missing and is thought to be dead too.”

A police source said counter-terrorism detectives were now looking into the brother’s disappearance.

The Foreign Office refused to confirm whether the brothers were dead.

A spokeswoman said: “We are aware of these reports but cannot confirm them.”

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