By Megan Critchley

Many people want the perfect eyebrows these days, so here is a quick guide on how to get your eyebrows looking a bit more full of life without making them look like slugs!

How to:

Start with a clean face, try to grow your eyebrows out a little bit before hand for certain shapes.
Using a Spoolie Brush, (eyebrow brush), brush your eyebrows going in the direction of the hair before starting shaping. Using a eyebrow razor, start to shape your eyebrows by removing areas of hairs, make sure you shave from under the eyebrow, do not go on top. Using a thin set of tweezers you can pluck stray hairs. Once you’ve got them to the right shape, then you fill them in. Using eyebrow powder (the powder used on my eyebrows was Avon) and an angled brush, go from the arch inwards, and lightly adding powder as you go along. Don’t apply too much powder, as your eyebrows will go to dark. Check that they are the same on both sides, and adjust as you go along.

Before and After pictures:


Eyebrows done by Jason Rose


Top Tips:

  • Light quick movement with eyebrow pencil, not solid lines
  • When in doubt, either ask flatmates or friends if you are unsure if they look even.
  • First time doing them? Watch a few YouTube tutorials before starting by yourself.
  • For aftercare- Brow Gel, clear as they keep your eyebrows in place, clear mascara can work as well.

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