Facebook cures Cancer! Did you know that?

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Every-week the much beloved Daily Mail newspaper gives us new, exciting ways which can cause cancer and cure it. However, I’m not overly convinced that whatever ‘scientists’ they are using, they haven’t quite proven this yet…

I may be running behind the bandwagon a little on this one, however, it happens to be a little bit of a bugbear of mine. The thing I am talking about, is/are Facebook ‘like whores’.

Personally, I disagree with the term, so, in true university academic form, I will provide a definition and reference:

“Someone who pretty much begs for attention by posting Facebook statuses that appeal to as many people as possible for the sole purpose for getting a million ‘Likes.'” (Urban Dictionary, 2010)

With that out of the way, lets focus on the problem, this popped up on my Newsfeed recently:

Facebook - Venturing into the supernatural.
Facebook – Venturing into the supernatural. Iwastesomuchtime.com

To be honest readers, I’m not overly sure how this works.

Now, I love both of my grandmas as much as the next person, but I fail to ascertain how me, by committing such a dreadful act as ignoring your, frankly sick, post on Facebook, somehow desire my Grandma to make her trip to the great guy in the sky somewhat quicker.

There are many like this, circulating the internet, hunting for people to press the like button. But isn’t this, dear readers, a form of emotional cyber-bullying that our world could do without? Nothing will come of it. It’s not like the Grim Reaper spends his days on Facebook, making a list of all the people that did not like his post about grandmas.

I mean how dare they? It’s not as if the button is there to express a positive opinion about a particular post! No, by clicking ‘like’ on this post you are literally saving lives! Its not just any life either; you, yes you, are saving your grandma, a blood relative, from certain death by clicking ‘like’. Well isn’t that an investment?

What about science? Every time I see one of these posts I feel like somewhere…

NHS - powered by likes
NHS – powered by likes

… which brings me, after a little bit of a tangent, to what the first paragraph is talking about. I’m a little bit fed up of people who post generic ‘please like me’ statuses about issues such as cancer, abuse or poverty. I mean I suppose yes, you are showing your support to a worthwhile cause, congratulations, but it is a little meaningless if you don’t back it up with something.

Go and dedicate your time to something worthwhile. If you’re liking things like that on Facebook you clearly have far too much time on your hands. You could volunteer at a Cancer Research charity shop or help fundraise for the various Aid charities that work with starving children in various poverty stricken countries such as Uganda and Ecuador, anything really!

If you want to show the world that you hate cancer, or that you want to eradicate poverty, Do something about it.

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