“Award Winners”: Musical Theatre Society Showcase is a Hit!

On the 26th November Roper Halls’ Attic opened its doors to an audience of around fifty people who enjoyed a musical theatrical show of award winning songs performed by UCLan’s Musical Theatre Society.

The songs were performed in two acts; act one containing eleven songs and act two being made up of ten, completing a total of twenty one songs altogether.  The songs themselves were from musicals of the West End that have been adapted from stories of famous films which included Jekyll and Hyde, Legally Blonde, Shrek and a couple of Disney classics such as Aladdin and The Little Mermaid, to name but a few.

The energy in the room before the show was electric and the atmosphere was a positive one from start to finish, but what else can one expect from being in the same room as theatrical students?

A special mention should be rightfully awarded to the director of the show Nick Parry, who was a gentleman of few words in his introduction, intermission and epilogue, but evidently gave great direction and guidance during the performance and rehearsals. Mr Parry had obviously connected with his assembled performers and spoke of the lead up to the show, “We’ve all been working tirelessly for two months now and I am incredibly proud of each and every one of them”. The performers themselves also deserve praise, because it was obvious that there had been a lot of time and preparation put into the show and let’s just remember these are UCLan students who also have deadlines to attend to for their respected courses, which can come up fast this time of year.

What should be pointed out is that musical theatre isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but instead of taking advantage of an Orange Wednesday 2 for 1 offer at the cinema as we usually do, myself and the mrs (who I dragged along) took a risk tonight and attended this performance in a quaint setting and spent a total of £8 and in conclusion, I can honestly say… money well spent! It has to be said that although the seating arrangements were ‘a bit of a nightmare’, I would definitely attend another one of UCLan Musical Theatre Society’s performances.DSC_0853

However, a recommendation for future performances should be that the Musical Theatre Society should invest more time in promoting their performances to a more varied audience, because it seemed that most people who attended were friends and families of the performers. Another venture financially that the Musical Theatre Society should invest in is a few wireless microphones because a minority of the performers were regrettably quiet.

As a final note, I plead to all students of the university to take a night off from their usual routine of getting drunk and try an alternative night supporting other students in their performances, because it can be said with unequivocal confidence, UCLan definitely has talent.



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