Festive Foodies From Around The Globe!

Jack Evans - Reporter

Festive favourites from around the globe

Around the globe Christmas is celebrated in many different ways. Some traditions involve elaborate feasts on Christmas Eve and some on Christmas day itself. There is also a great deal of variation in the food which is cooked and the celebrations involved with this time of year. The dishes cooked will vary greatly between each household and so these are just a few of the types of dishes associated with each region.


On Christmas Eve a dinner is cooked and the main dish varies depending on the region. Coastal regions rely heavily upon fish based dishes whereas mainland regions cook pork chops, sausages and lamb.


The main gathering is on Christmas Eve where large broths of different meats are cooked. Dumplings are also served which have a mixture of fillings such as potatoes with cottage cheese.


Christmas dishes range from slow cooked ham, pork sausages, potatoes, caviar, shellfish, fish and a variety of speciality cheeses.


On Christmas Eve 12- fish based dishes are served (herring, carp and pike), each representing a different month of the year. Fish soups are also cooked along with wild mushrooms, peas and Polish dumplings with various fillings.


Fried carp, gingerbread, beer sauces, chocolate/apricot cake and Christmas cookies are just a few of the dishes for the Christmas Eve feast.


In keeping with Jamaican culture Christmas dinners feature speciality rice based dishes, peas, chicken, and goat marinated in a curry sauce.


A Christmas dinner in Italy is very elaborate and can consist of more than 7 courses.  To start the meal pasta based dishes are served followed by roasted meals, 2 salad courses and finished with two different sweet pudding treats. An assortment of cheese, mixed fruit, chocolate and glasses of brandy are also consumed throughout the day.


Wild boar and venison are popular meats for the Christmas dinner table along with goose, duck or rabbit. Dressings include stuffing made from apple and sausages and red cabbage.

Czech Republic:

Various types of fish are chosen for the Christmas eve dinner along with portions of salad,, eggs and carp based sides. Mushrooms, garlic and dried fruits are often on the table and the majority of the Christmas vegetables may have been home-grown.


The main meats served at Christmas are turkey and beef alongside sprouts, carrots, other assorted vegetables like roasted parsnips and cranberry sauce. A popular favourite are the minced pies and Christmas pudding.


Similar to the UK, the American Christmas table will likely feature turkey, beef, pork or ham. This is traditionally served with potatoes, a variety of vegetables and dressings. Treats include minced pies, Christmas pudding or pumpkin pie.


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