Film Review – American Sniper

American Sniper: A multi-nominated “Epic” or a cover up of pure American propaganda?

By Samuel Liles

A multi-nominated “Epic” or a cover up of pure American propaganda?

With high expectations from American Sniper being such a highly Oscar-Nominated movie, starring the likes of Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, I went along and paid for an overpriced ticket and a shabby Prestonian cinema. Upon first glances you see a well-made, real written screenplay. Although on further viewing, it soon becomes clear that this “movie” is simply a piece of contrived American patriotism.

Cooper’s acting holds up well in terms of for-filling the limitations of the role, and content he was given. Eastwood has manufactured a world in which the audience quickly becomes absorbed through scenes of heavy conflict between American soldiers and the Iraqi opposition. Supporting the claim that the war in Iraq was wholly justified in terms of morality.

If this film had been purely fictional, showing scenes of an archetypal American hero, then this film would have been more acceptable, however by the very nature of the hero being as what Americans perceive to be a ‘hero’, then from the perspective of anyone from other nationalities, it is alien and exaggerated.

Yet this film is said to be a real account of Chris Kyle, the all American idol of war. The very person who once said: “I hate the damn savages. I couldn’t give a flying f**k about the Iraqis.” When looking at Kyle without the goggles of Clint Eastwood’s constructed vision, you see that he was a man of prejudice and flaw. This was a man who was open about his joy in killing people, that being in the battlefield and also on home soil. Kyle was along way off from being the hero, Eastwood portrayed him to be.

Propaganda is the only word to describe this film, and evidence for this has been seen all over the world Social Media. These include racist remarks parallel to the films racial standpoint. American citizens are following what they are being told, like a good American should. Eastwood and his team of producers want viewers to perceive all Muslims as the epitome of terror. The use of the Hollywood medium as a forefront to racial xenophobia, is a clever way of causing authoritarian effect and making everyday Americans even more susceptible and acceptive to racial stigma and the wrongdoings of the the American invasion.

This propaganda video has clearly worked wonders, although people are seeing through the eyes of the American mass media are identify and calling out the true nature of American Sniper.


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