Films That Audiences Walked Out Of!

Anita Kuambana

For many girls a perfect date would be in the cinema watching a horror movie with your crush, so if a scary scene appears you can just run to his arms. Well now there are movies that left couples running to the door together, they were so scary they couldn’t take it.

There are many reasons that made audiences run out of the room, maybe because it was too disgusting, scary, outrageous, boring, slow, etc… Some people just don’t have the stomach for scary movies. This are some of the movies audiences walked out of.

The Witch

A family at the 17th century a time were witches used to be chased, a time that puritans* were in control of everything. Many people went out during this screening because of the slow paste of the movie, it was so boring the audience couldn’t take it anymore.


A Belgian horror film directed by Julia Ducournau, tells the story of a young vegetarian student who was bullied to eat raw meat during her school year, she later turned into a cannibal. People rushed to the exit as it was too sickening, it all looked too real to be fake so they were all left with a rather unwanted taste in their mouths.


A film directed by Evrenol and according to movie pilot this is a mix of 80s horror movies “boundary-breaking violence with a nuanced arthouse sensibility”. This movie is based on a short film that Evrenol did with the same name, it talks about five cops who have unintentionally wondered into Hell. Only that description gives you chills, now watching the movie? I can’t even imagine. Was too sickening even celebrities couldn’t maintain their composure. The Director said: “We had our premiere in Turkey. Several celebrities walked out… the last few minutes were a bit much for them.” according to movie pilot. It was so gore people walked off. I was on google looking for reviews on the movie and I was already about to vomit, and I normally survive this type of pictures but they did go far with the make-up.

Swiss Army Man

Last but not least we have a movie which has Daniel Radcliff playing a corpse with a boner that is constantly farting. Last time I checked corpses’ can’t even fart since they are let’s say dead, but what do I know. The movie is called Swiss Army Man, according to movie pilot the mix of putrefaction and flatulence was a bit too much for the viewers. This was probably one of the most “walk-outs, as a continuous stream of audience members kept standing up and bolting for the door throughout the film”. The movie was directed By Daniel Kwan and Daniel Schneider.


*(a group of English protestants who regarded the Reformation of the church of England under Elizabeth as incomplete and sought to simplify and regulate forms of worship)

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