Flash Game Review – AARGH!

AARGH (NTFusion, Kongregate).
AARGH (NTFusion, Kongregate).
AARGH (NTFusion, Kongregate).

Fancy being a pirate for the day? Well, I can’t really offer you that possibility, if that’s really what you want to do, however I can tell you where to play at being a pirate. AARGH! is a free flash game by NTFusion where you; the player plays as a pirate (although five other flags are available).

Basically you are given the controls of a vessel along with an arsenal of weaponry ranging from bombs to good old-fashioned cannonballs, and you take it in turns with a computer player to try to sink each other’s boat. Simple really, or is it? Well, no to be short.

The game gives you a panel of things to do which include moving your boat closer to or further away from the enemy boat, as well as artillery based cannon controls which means you have to think carefully about how you aim your shot; as too high or too low will miss, and you need to think about how much power you want to give your shot.

AARGH! Is a good-looking game compared to some other Flash Games available online? It has a nice colourful, yet cartoony look which makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eye (if you can say that about a Video Game). The gameplay itself is also quite fun but a bit basic at that, however good care has been taken into both how the works as well as controls making it quite a clever game, if maybe a somewhat short-lived one at that.

But while the single player aspect of the game is fun in its own way, it could be better in the long run though if it had some form of online connectivity about it like other flash-based games of this kind, such as ShellShock Live.

In summary, a fun little game that looks and plays quite well with enough to keep you entertained for a brief but fun amount of time.

Play it on Kongregate for free at: http://www.kongregate.com/games/NTFusion/aargh

AARGH! (NTFusion, Kongregate)
You sunk my battleship!

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