Foodie Friday: The Adelphi

11940084_1116447451717190_545105341_oBy Andy Hall – Reporter


The Adelphi: a well sized, well established and well placed pub. Sitting on the aptly named Adelphi roundabout, it is one of the closest and most central pubs on campus. I attended on a quiet Tuesday afternoon to try out the food and see what was what.


On entering the main entrance the walls are adorned with awards Adelphi have received including many, ‘Alive After 5’ awards from Preston’s Business Improvement District organisation.

The pub offers a variety of themed nights including a comedy night, quiz and karaoke night, open mic night and a subscription to sky sports for all the big sporting events during the year. The second floor has a smaller bar and is available for hire for private functions, especially handy for Teams and Societies looking for places to congregate and celebrate.

The seating area on the ground floor offers a variety of seating options from four person tables up to giant couches in front of the T.V’s for larger groups. The décor has been updated within the past couple of years. It is quirky with enough hints of chipped paint and dented walls to keep it attractively down to earth rather than pretentious.

Think of a pub modern enough for students and city centre visitors with all the signs of being frequently well used by large numbers. Unfortunately on this visit the Gents’ had a rather unpleasant smell that generally suggested a lack of regular cleaning, not something you would general expect from a very quiet environment on a Tuesday afternoon.

The tables, disappointingly, were left dirty from previous customers, sticky from old drinks and the cutlery holders (ours most noticeably) had not been refilled. This was a real shame, I’ve been in Adelphi plenty of times and even with a skeleton staff it shouldn’t take that much effort to keep things clean.


The bar offers a good range of alcoholic drinks (as well as your generic range of non-alcoholic drinks) and have a dedicated chalk board with fresh deals on real ales. Tuesday’s consisted of ales from a brewery in Carlisle and a brewery in Lytham; they can’t be localised all the time but it’s always good to see a pub pushing smaller, local breweries.

Annoyingly there were no drinks menus either on the tables or lurking around the bar, I could have enquired further but that’s not really the point of being a reviewer, I like to take a venue as it is presented to me.


The menu is delivered on a rather large three pages offering a solid range of food that you would wholly expect from a pub environment. This isn’t a negative to The Adelphi, the menu promises food that tops the whole Preston ‘pub-grub’ field.

Think sharing platters, 2 for £6.95 meal deals, a variety of sandwiches, burgers and ciabattas, salads and Adelphi’s very own, ‘Man vs Food’ challenges (including, of course, desserts).

Prices vary from £3.25 for 10 wings up to £8.95 for a full rack of bbq ribs with sides included (food challenges increase in price up to £12.45).

I wanted to choose something that would be as individual to the pub as possible and so went for the Adelphi Texas Combo. This consisted of chicken goujons, chicken wings, half a rack of bbq ribs with sides.

11907033_1116447571717178_1732765059_o (1)

My wife ordered the Spicy Steak Wrap with salad as included. The Wrap included a drink from a selected variety but didn’t include dry white wine. I included a pint of coke on top of mine.

Overall the meal came to £15.60, which, at £7.30 a head including drinks doesn’t seem too bad.

We waited just under 20 minutes which is great although I have had previous experiences of prolonged waits when the pub gets very busy (which is to be expected, not a negative only a warning).

The food arrived and looked great however they had decided to randomly throw some cheese on mine (I’m not a fan of cheese at all and had to remove it myself) and my wife’s hot sauce pot was barely a quarter full compared to my completely full bbq sauce pot. This may be due to the majority of people not enjoying lots of hot sauce but it did compare quite poorly to my portion.


My Combo meal was well cooked and quite tasty although the breadcrumb covering on the goujons (which were more like large pop corn chicken pieces on a kebab stick) were a tad soggy but they tasted great so I wasn’t overly concerned about this.

The ribs had a beautiful burnt bbq taste to them and were a pleasure to eat, the chips were your every-day chips, a non-descript accompaniment. The steak within my wife’s wrap was cooked exactly as ordered and to perfection, however there could have been more of it in the wrap (averaged about 5 pieces). But it was nice to have a toasted wrap as opposed to a warm filling with cold wrap.

The food itself was average, it wasn’t terrible and it wasn’t mind-blowing, what affected me the most was the drab environment. The unclean tables, lack of cutlery and rather smelly toilets put a rather morose cloud over my meal. During term-time The Adelphi exudes atmosphere and excitement but this was clearly missing along with the students. I’m not ruling out attending again but The Adelphi is clearly a bear in hibernation that hasn’t quite realised it’s about time to wake up.

Value for Money: ★★★★☆

Taste: ★★★☆☆

Service: ★★★☆☆

Environment: ★★☆☆☆

Atmosphere – I don’t think it’s fair to rate the atmosphere on a mid-day week during summer holidays.

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