Freshers need to know their limit

baking-810336_1280By Anna Darey – Chief News Reporter

Undergraduates are being warned by experts to know their alcohol limit.

After the death of three students in the past few years due to alcohol-related accidents at Durham University, a campaign has been launched in order to promote positive drinking behavior, and to make students more aware of the dangers associated with alcohol.

Suzannah Robin, Sales and Training Manager at AlcoDigital, a supplier of breathalyzers, said:

“Alcohol can affect people in different ways, and at different rates, but even a small amount of alcohol can make you more prone to accidents.  Some of these might be minor, like tripping over your own feet or spilling wine down your front, but it can also cause more serious accidents.

“Alcohol affects our judgement, ability to respond and makes us more likely to take risks.  The more you drink and the higher the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level, the more likely it is you will have an accident.

“Freshers should avoid excessive or binge drinking, drinking on an empty stomach and steer clear of drinking games, which encourage large quantities of alcohol to be consumed in a very short period of time.”

For advice and information about alcohol intake visit:

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