[FROM THE PAPER] 5 Songs You Should Consider Using For Your Campaign

Caitlin Mclaren - Culture Editor

So you’ve submitted your manifesto, you’re getting that rush and thinking to yourself, ‘wow, I’m actually doing this’. So it’s time to begin planning! Here are a few songs that you could adapt and make your own throughout your campaign.

Abba – Take A Chance On Me

Pretty self-explanatory really! This song is a classic, so everyone will automatically recognise it. The message within helps a lot because it describes your situation perfectly. I mean, you’ve got the chorus with everything you need to outline, you can adapt the rest of the song to fit your campaign and then you’ve got a perfect campaign track!

Katy Perry – Firework

How inspiring is this song? It’s amazing! The good thing about Katy Perry is that it’s modern but it doesn’t take away from it’s potential. One ideal stance to take is to inspire others, that will make them connect to your campaign more and there’s no song more perfect than this!

Survivor – Eye of The Tiger

The ultimate fighting talk song, I mean it’s Rocky’s theme tune! The song creates excitement and shows your fellow candidates that you won’t be backing down at all. Plus, if you add the song to the background to a campaign video, it makes you look total badass.

Foo fighters – Best of You

Again, the song is explaining itself! Your campaign is about selling yourself and showing people all the best parts of you and what you could bring to the role that you are applying for! It also is a step away from the contemporary music genre and falls under the rock genre. This could appeal to a different type of audience, one you felt you couldn’t reach before.

Hungry Eyes – Eric Carman

You’re determined, right? You want to win, don’t you? The song will let everyone know that you’ve got your eyes on the prize and you won’t be going down without a fight so be aware! It will also give you that cheesy 80’s approach, it’ll be for those who are looking to take their campaign a little bit less serious and looking for a fun approach!

We hope these song ideas are giving you a massive help in where to start with your campaign, remember to have fun with it and most importantly – good luck!

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