FROM THE PAPER: 8 Struggles of being in a long-distance relationship at university

by Emma Rosemurgey - lifestyle editor

When people think of modern university students, they think of young, free singletons who are looking for three years of debauchery, bed-hopping and Jagerbombs. And whilst this might be what a lot of people look for in their time at university, spare a moment for those who have left their other halves behind to embark on university. Here are seven eternal struggles for all students in long distance relationships.

  1. In freshers, the minute the boyfriend/girlfriend word is mentioned, you’re automatically singled off as the boring one. Little do the single students of the world know, that being in a relationship does not take away your ability to down ten Jagerbombs, own the dancefloor and be the life and soul of the party.
  2. You will have to be that person stood awkwardly dancing in the club whilst your friend grafts the boy she spotted on the university’s Freshers page. And no, you won’t complain about it because for many students, finding potential romance is an integral part of university, even if their beergoggles lead them in the wrong direction.
  3. Did someone say wingwoman? Yeah, it’s like putting all the graft into pulling without reaping any of the rewards. And yeah it’s satisfying seeing your pal all loved up in Evoque with the guy she matched with on Tinder but secretly you’re smug knowing you don’t have to go through any of the stress of ‘pulling’ because you’ve already found your significant other half.
  4. People will always assume you’re wasting the ‘best years of your life’ by being in a relationship with someone whilst at university. Of course there’s nothing wrong with exploring your sexuality at university and widening your social circle, but for those of us who have already found the person we want to be with, we can still make friends too. There are also single students who choose not to take part in the bed-hopping culture of university, and that’s fine too.
  5. People also always secretly assuming that you’re cheating on your other half whilst at uni. Although few dare say it, there is always a taboo assumption that remaining faithful to a distant lover whilst at uni is an impossible task. And unfortunately, there are people who fall into this category and give the rest of LDRs a bad reputation. But alas, it can be done if you are seriously committed to your other half, then nothing – not even Warehouse Tuesdays – can get in the way of that.
  6. Uni couples are annoying. It’s true. And they’re everywhere, especially when you’re missing your beloved. You probably live with one, there will definitely be one on your course and they’re at every flat party you ever attend. The notion from students in LDRs is not to deny others the love and happiness they share, but not to have it rubbed in our faces. Oh, and please don’t make out like you can’t cope with the idea of not seeing each for two weeks over the Christmas break when some of us are lucky to see our partners once a month.
  7. Your entire student loan gets spent on train tickets. Unless you’re one of the lucky few that has a car at uni, your only option is to ride public transport, often for hours on end every single weekend. Surely there should be a special LDR railcard?!
  8. It’s hard. Put simply, being in a different city, sometimes even different country to your other half is not easy, and not for the faint hearted. But one thing everyone in a long distance relationship at university knows is if you can last, your relationship is for keeps.

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