FROM THE PAPER: AN Egg-cellent Bath Bomb

Looking for an alternative Easter treat? This golden, glittery Lush bath melt is a perfect pamper gift and a great way to relax amongst the stress of university deadlines over the holidays.

If you like to do things properly and spend a long time soaking, the ‘Golden Egg’ is the bath bomb for you. This product slowly melts away releasing moisturising olive oil to leave your skin softer than caramel. The uplifting bergamot and sweet, wild orange oils help to tone and brighten, adding a sweet fruitiness. The scents aren’t the slightest bit overwhelming and simply add to the peaceful atmosphere this bath bomb melt creates. If you’d prefer a quick bath or want to savour this golden treat, then simply cut it in half or quarters and save the rest for another pamper day… or two!

At only £3.95, this product is cheaper than most Lush bath bombs on offer, but is arguably still as good. Lush is renowned for its multi-coloured, fizzing and crackling bath bombs, so in comparison, this ‘Golden Egg’ bath melt isn’t as exciting. Although, the toffee scents and never ending amounts of Fair Trade Colombian cocoa butter are perfect for a luxurious experience as the bath melt dissolves and lightly fizzes away, leaving you soaking in the silkiest water you can imagine.

Whilst pondering in the shop over which bath bomb to choose, I was a bit unsure about buying this product as it is completely covered in gold dust and it was all over my hands as soon as I picked it up. To my surprise, when I got out of the bath, I was left with a subtle shimmer all over my skin and not the gold spray painted effect I was expecting. Once dropped into the bath, the water turns a gorgeous yellowy-gold colour which shimmers in the light. Although the colours aren’t as creative as other Lush bath bombs and it does take a long time to melt, the simplicities add to the relaxing effect and it’s actually quite peaceful to watch the egg melt away. The sparkly mess in the bath afterwards is definitely worth it!

I believe the ‘Golden Egg’ Bath Bomb Melt is only available over Easter – so stock up while you can because this product is great for any time of the year, and your bath time won’t be the same without it.

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