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It has come to my attention over the last two weeks that there is a general apathy sweeping over University.

I’ve turned up to computer training classes, put on at the library to help with essays and dissertations and to lectures, by eminent people on interesting and diverse subjects, only to find very few people turning up and taking advantage of the many opportunities on offer.

Moving on from there for a moment; I keep hearing how students are not happy about things on their course.

These things range from course content being limited, to course timetables not being available soon enough or moved around on short notice, to generally being expected to run before you can walk.

I have heard students complain about the cost of education, the quality of education and the cuts to grants to mention a few things. It seems that everyone has something to say or an opinion on one thing or another.

Bearing what I have just said in mind, I find myself dumbfounded at the lack of interest in campaigns and the lack of feedback to Course Reps. Course Reps are there to represent you; to get YOUR VOICE heard.

They cannot represent you if you do not inform them of any issues that you have and they cannot ensure something, that you think is great continues, if you don’t tell them either.

Furthermore, if you do not put yourself forward for elections or vote for individuals who do; if you don’t join in with demonstrations, your voice also won’t be heard.

Delegates cannot represent you fully and vote for what you believe is important unless you tell them.

The NUS are campaigning to reduce the legal age of voting to 16. Are they wasting their time?


I do wonder though, because I see no evidence of proactive students, at this University. Is the situation the same across the country? I hope not!

I hear all the time about how policies are made by older people, who have lived their lives.

How young people must live with the consequences of these decisions. Act now; not tomorrow or the day after.

Also, go to the computer classes that are put on to help you and to the lectures given by eminent visitors.

The University is doing its best to ensure you have a great education and a fully enriched experience.

Let’s thank them by taking up all the advantages they offer us. If we don’t, they might think, why should we bother and start removing them!

Can you blame them?

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Tracy Ackrell is Comment Editor of The Pulse. She is passionate about student engagement and mobilising students to causes they may find interesting or may be passionate about.
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