[FROM THE PAPER] Books You Should Read On A Quiet Night In

Ashleigh Clarke

I’m that type of person who has a lot of books, starts one, picks up another and never actually finishes the first one I picked up 6 months ago. I love reading, but because I want to read that many, up to now I have about 4 different books on the go. I can read anywhere, anytime – but the best way to read a book is curled up, lights low with a blanket. To be honest it sounds more like I’m going to seduce it rather than read it. But anyway, below I’ve listed to 5 best books to read when all you want is a quiet night in!

FanGirl – Rainbow Rowell

This is such a lovely story about a quite introverted girl who starts her first year at College with her twin sister. It hits home for me because I knew what it was like to start University and not know anyone. It’s wholesome and tells the tale of friendship, finding love and fanfiction! Rowell has also made another book about the fanfiction written in the first book! It’s definitely worth a read.

We Should Hang out Sometime – Josh Sundquist

I ended up reading while driving down to Devon only a few weeks ago. I actually only realised halfway through that it’s a true story, which is due to me running on 3 hours of sleep and no coffee. Sundquist tells his story of trying to find love since the age of 16 and never really, properly having a girlfriend, and the ones he thought he was dating, weren’t really his girlfriends. How it tells each experience and meets up with past “sort of, but not really girlfriends” in the future is hilarious, heart breaking and honest.

If I was Your Girl – Meredith Russo

If I was Your Girl is raw, open and so emotional. Telling the story of a Transgender woman who moves to a new town – being only a teenager, nobody knows who she really is. She plays her cards close to her chest and keeps her emotions guarded. It opened my eyes and it will have that effect on everybody who reads it. The authors note at the end is truly inspiring and filled with acceptance. Read it, read it, read it!

Girl Hearts Girl – Lucy Sutcliffe

Another true story about a girl who falls in love online, and yes, they actually turned out to be who they said they were. Lucy tells her story about friendship, family and realising she’s gay. Her and her girlfriend are now semi famous YouTubers who started out making videos for each other due to their long distance relationship. It’s such a heart-warming book and shows people that while taking chances can be scary, falling in love isn’t so terrifying.

Red Velvet – Carol Hedges

This is a book I’ve read more than once and each time I fall more and more in love with it. As the main protagonist finds something rather gruesome in a locked chest in an old house, it starts to unfold ancient and hidden mysteries about her own family. It’s gripping, grizzly and ghostly!

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