FROM THE PAPER: Broadcasting Legend Terry Wogan Dies

By Caitlin Mclaren - Culture Editor

Sir Terry Wogan in 2009 on the set of Masterchef

Sir Terry Wogan sadly lost his battle to cancer on the 31st January 2016. Known as a television and radio broadcaster, Wogan lightened the hearts of many.

Wogan has been classed as a national treasure because of his time and dedication to entertaining the masses of audiences that would tune into his TV shows or his radio show week in and week out and he was known to have changed the entertainment industry and molded the imaginations of the entertainers who we see on our screens in the modern day.
Wogan started his rollercoaster career in the sixties when he became a disc jockey and shortly after got a regular spot in an afternoon show. After his popularity boomed he moved to BBC Radio 2 where he had a regular morning show.
His first chat show on radio was in 1975, Wogan’s World, was so successful that his career moved to the screen, so that people could see the man behind the voice!

His career has even lead him to do many charity events such as Children in Need, which raises millions each year to help children worldwide.

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