[FROM THE PAPER] Does Eurovision Even Matter Anymore?

By Sarah Johnson - Reporter

The 2012 Eurovision Semi-final in Baku, Azerbaijan

The Eurovision Song Contest is a worldwide singing contest starting in 1956 and has been running every year ever since. Each country involved must be a member of the European Broadcasting Union and must perform an original song over the course of the 4 hour long programme. After all performances, each country transmits live how they have ranked other countries performances. Starting with 12 points to their favourite performance, 10 to the next country, then scores from 8 down to 1 to the other remaining countries that they enjoyed.

However an issue which has come to light with the voting is countries tend to vote for their neighbours and have made the voting about who they are next to rather than the music itself.

United Kingdom have already started to get people excited about the event which will be broadcasted in May 14th, by hosting a television show that allows the public to vote for the act that they want to represent our country in the competition. The winner is a duo called ‘Joe and Jake’ who have both previously competed on The Voice.

Graham Norton has been the commentator of the show and if it wasn’t for him doing this, the show would lose more viewers as his comments are what attracts people to stay watching as the night progresses.

It seems the music behind the show has been lost along the way and is the reason why people are starting to stop watching. When thinking about the show you don’t associate it with music anymore you just want to see what each country is bringing to the table and what variety of costumes they are wearing.

Is it time for music shows to take a step back for a few years and see if the public want to bring them back? Or shall we carry on with music shows and hope the music doesn’t get pushed aside with all the production and publicity of the show?

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