FROM THE PAPER: Fitness DVDS – The Unworthy Craze

By Sarah Johnson - Reporter

Davina McCall, 'Fitness Guru'

Losing weight after Christmas is on top of mot people’s New Years Resolution list but it’s never easy to have the energy to join a gym. Luckily celebrities are always bringing out work out DVDs just in time, but are they all that they cracked up to be?

When watching television you always see a celebrity advertising the latest trend of working out and how it helped them lose over 4 stone in a few months, but can this really happen even if you have different lifestyles. Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore released a work out DVD called ‘Belly Blitz’ which has become the best selling fitness DVD over 15 years. After using it to help herself lose weight, Charlotte produced the DVD with two other fitness instructors to help the public lose up to 5 pounds per week. However, during the DVD one of the instructors takes the lead and Charlotte might as well not be there. Her role is to do the exercises with a face full of makeup, hair done and only making comments about how tired she is getting. This has made people question whether she has just put her name on a product to help it sell and make money or if she fully believes in the DVD she is selling.

Other celebrities have jumped on the fitness bandwagon claiming that they have lost weight and encouraging others to try it. Most of the people doing this are reality stars who have left television and are looking for a new project to do. But is it really healthy to lose a lot of weight in such a short space of time? What some fitness DVDs do not tell you is how to manage food while doing exercise, which is a big part of losing weight. Also many celebrities have been questioned if drugs have played apart in them losing weight which has lead to drugs tests being taken and shown to the public proving that the allegations are false, for example Holly from Geordie Shore. Davina McCall is one celebrity who has produced various DVDs and books on how to eat healthy and eat less sugar which has made her a respected fitness expert who the public trust rather then celebrities.

The DVDs are great if you want to lose weight in a fun way and know what you are doing but many people would rather see a professional.

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