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So if you’ve seen, my new year’s resolution is to lose weight for graduation. Not long now. But I also want to get fit, after one to many of my mum’s coconut tarts and mince pies over Christmas it’s time to get to healthy eating.

I’m not a massive gym goer, nor am I a health fanatic, but as I’ve looked into all the different recipes and at the ingredients, I’m thinking who can actually afford all of this?

As a student andFullSizeRender someone who works part time in 3 different jobs when shifts are available I can’t afford to be spending £2 on an avocado.

The great thing about UCLan though is the fact the gym is free, otherwise I definitely would not go. I’ve heard people saying the gym isn’t that great as the machines aren’t as good as other places but for me give me a treadmill, a rowing machine and a bike and I am happy.

Another way to keep fit on my insanely small budget is the classes the gym offers, I’ve only been to about four classes in my three years at UCLan but I can say Studio Weights kills me off, but definitely a great way to keep fit.

Even though it’s not a budget item, last year I treated myself to a Fitbit charge hr, this tracks my heart beat as well as the steps I do each day (not as many as my dad does I have noticed after I gave him my old one). This gives me motivation to get up and try and beat my dad, at least for one day of the year.

IMG_0425Many smartphones now have apps which track how many steps or how active you’ve been, build up a competition with someone. It’s a better way of keeping to a budget than going out and buying one of the bands. There’s so many fitness DVD and YouTube channels out there. Don’t feel like going to the gym? Grab some friends and try one in your room!

Now for the food. I am a foodie. I love takeaways, but they do not love me, especially not my bank account. I’ve actually started cooking more and enjoying it. The lean in 15 books are a great source of healthy foods but also include some workouts.

Sticking to your budget as well as eating healthy has always been my downfall, especially when you go to Tesco and chocolate is on offer or they have the desserts on offer.

After looking through recipe books I’ve actually started to write lists for when I go shopping, the best place I’ve found is Aldi. A lot of their products are cheaper and nicer than branded supermarkets, but another place I’ve started to shop at is Iceland. With them offering slimming meals as well, it can work out cheaper than cooking from scratch but watch out for them pesky sugars!

IMG_0367I love going shopping when everything is reduced, it tends to work out a lot cheaper and some of the things can be frozen so you don’t necessarily need to eat it on the day.

The main tips I’m trying to give myself to stay fit on a budget are:

  1. Writing lists before shopping
  2. Sticking to the lists, no venturing down the chocolate aisle
  3. Attend the gym classes, make the most of the free membership
  4. Healthy competition builds up motivation
  5. Don’t do it alone, motivate each other
  6. Eat more fruit
  7. Drink more water, stay hydrated

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