FROM THE PAPER: How to Spend Your Summer at Home

by Emma Rosemurgey - Lifestyle Editor

As the last few weeks of semester creeps upon us, many students are left wondering how to spend their three months of freedom away from university and campus life.

Going back home to your family home can be a surreal experience once you’ve gotten used to the freedom that comes with student halls and being at university. Being under your parents roof probably means that they expect you to live back under their rules, which probably means no more Wednesday night parties and Dominoes twice a week.

But there are things you can do to avoid your brain melting over watching Bargain Hunt with your mum and dad every day for three months straight.

  1. Do some volunteering work

Doing work and not getting paid for it can seem like the ultimate chore, however in the current climate graduate jobs are harder and harder to come by and therefore students need all the different skills that they can get. Whether it’s serving hot meals at a soup kitchen or organising the shoes at your local Oxfam shop, employers will appreciate that you bothered yourself to get out of bed and show some work ethic that isn’t purely for your own gain. Plus, it’ll give you a routine to live by, as well as giving personal satisfaction and all round good karma for doing a good deed.

  1. Get some work experience

In the same token as the last point, there is probably no other time in your life where you will have the free time and the resources to gain some work experience in your field. Whether it’s a week at your local paper or getting some hands on work at your dad’s construction company, all our experience will enhance our CV and ultimately make us more employable when the dreaded graduation day comes. Because no, unfortunately we can’t be students forever.

  1. Work overseas

Can’t afford a holiday? Why not get paid to live overseas for three months. From personal experience, this can be the best way ever to make the most of your summer months, whilst gaining experience and getting paid for it at the same time. TUI Travel (formerly Thomson and First Choice), Thomas Cook and Olympic Holidays all take on university students to work as reps in their overseas destinations for high-season, ie June, July and August. There is absolutely no denying that this is not a three month holiday, but it will give you sun, sea and sand, along with some amazing memories when you can’t afford to whisk yourself away on holiday.

  1. Get a part-time job

Now this is definitely easier said than done, but don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. If you can’t get a job in your local pub, then try putting up posters advertising your services. You could walk your neighbour’s dog, or babysit your mum’s friend’s twin boys. Any part time work will make your time more bearable and if you can manage not to spend any of your earnings as fast as you make it, you will thank yourself later when your student loan has ran out by mid-October.

  1. Write a blog

Sometimes when people leave the city in which they go to university, and travel back to their hometown, they feel as if there is nothing there for them, which can be a really disheartening thought. Keeping a diary of your thoughts and experiences can be extremely therapeutic, and what better way to do this than through the modern diary that is a blog. Although, if you are going to post about your dismal hometown, best keep it anonymous!

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