FROM THE PAPER: Jay-Z on Harry Styles – ‘I can make him the biggest star in the world’

By Ashleigh Clarke - Reporter

One Direction superstar Harry Styles

With the band at the beginning of their much needed break and their album – Made in the AM already storming the charts; one member in particular has caught the eye of a certain rapper.
Over the years Jay Z has previously mentored acts such as Rhianna and Rita Ora, but is now setting his sights on the 21 year old Harry Styles, stating that he’d be happy to work with him as everybody already knows who he is and the exposure would be good for his alleged solo career. Jay Z also added “I can get him working with the bigger artists and the biggest producers”. He is eager to sign him to his record label – Roc Nation but as Simon Cowell has said that he’s unlikely to let him go without a fight, Jay Z is supposedly willing to “do a joint venture” and make his vision become a reality.
There has been rumours within the past year about Styles planning a solo record but has always denied them whenever they were mentioned. He is also reportedly taking singing lessons as the star wants to “develop his vocal skills” to “achieve the success he wants as a solo artist”. Following recent news, he has apparently already written four new songs called ‘Already Home’, ‘Coco’, ‘Endlessly’ and ‘5378 Miles’ with the ASCAP (American Society of Composers and Publishers).
A source has told NME that Snow Patrol guitarist John McDaid is being credited with co-writing the songs.
Even though Styles has yet to confirm the news about his solo adventure, the 46 year old rapper/mentor seems confident about making him the biggest artist in the world within a year.
Who knows what lies ahead in the young singer’s future, all we have to go off is did One Direction just become Two Direction?

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