by Chloe Kenyon - Deputy Editor

In short, this bath bomb is magic. It is both the largest and most interesting looking bath bomb I’ve ever used and ever since purchasing, I had been very excited to try it out. The scent of this product is very fresh, with peppermint and ceaderwood being just two of the ingredients that created this little miracle, and the popping candy element to the product ensures that the bomb fizzes as soon as it hits the bath water.

Immediately after coming into contact with the water, Intergalactic begins to spit out vivid blue, changing the colour of your bath almost instantly. As it continues to fizz, trails of yellow, pink and white are added into the mix. The bath bomb definitely earns its name very quickly as it turns your bath into a galaxy on top of the water.

If that wasn’t magical enough, the bath bomb is also filled with tiny flakes of glitter, leaving the now deep blue of your water shimmering with gold. Taking a bath in this product leaves you feeling like you’re in space.


This product is definitely the most fun and interesting Lush product I have used so far. It has a lovely smell which lingers on the skin after bathing. It also left a slight shimmer on my skin, which I quite liked. The product is also very softening on the skin, it even makes the bath water feel smoother. All in all, I adore this product!

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