FROM THE PAPER: Minecraft – A New Teaching and Learning Tool?

By Sarah Johnson - Reporter

Computers and game consoles have changed the way society interacts with each other and allows people to play games in their free time for pleasure. What if games become accepted in schools to help teach children in certain lessons giving a new educational aspect to gaming?
Minecraft is a single player or online game in which you build structures by placing blocks to make your own virtual world while using your imagination to create structures and fight off monsters whilst playing with your friends.
Microsoft paid Mojang (the owners of Minecraft) £1.8bn in 2014 for the development of MinecraftEdu the educational version of Minecraft buying it from the original owners TeacherGaming.
The purpose of this is to bring Minecraft into more than 7,000 classrooms across the country, allowing teachers to use the game to help teach Mathematics, Science, Religion and Poetry to students. Hoping for a fun new way to help educate children while letting them become more creative through the use of the game.
Microsoft are hoping to improve the experience by letting children carry on using the game while at home without having a buy another copy of the game itself.
However it can be said that the parents of today’s generation already generalise children as spending too much time on computers and playing games, therefore it is yet to be determined whether Minecrafts’ new billion pound plan will further this argument or strengthen computer games within the education system.

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