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Miss University UK 2016, which took place back in October, was won by UCLan student Ophelia Charles. Miss University took place at the luxurious Walthamstow Assembly Hall which boasts a striking modern Art Deco combined with being a 1940’s Grade II listed building.

Ophelia, a 21 year old third year acting student from Nuneaton, was one of hundreds of applications who were shortlisted to 20 and then 6 on the final night.

Each contestant had to do a choreographed routine which they were required to put their own spin on to show their creativity and then they were introduced to the judges.

The competition moved onto a talent round, in which Ophelia chose to show off her vocal talents by singing. There was a wide range of talents shown throughout the competition, varying from fashion design to poetry.

The contestants then had to wear a university outfit with the aim of showing off their personality and finally, an evening outfit which showed off; elegance, beauty, poise and class.

Finally, there were two on stage questions which demonstrated the contestant’s; intellectual communication, public speaking, composure and thinking on the spot.

For Ophelia’s big win, she earned; a yearlong promotion from the Miss University Company, a free photo shoot and free entry into all London based pageants amongst a number of other things. Off the back of her success, Ophelia secured a hair and beauty and a dress and outfit sponsor.

Speaking on her success Ophelia said,

“Every time you want to stop, think about who wants you to fail and why you started, and keep going.

“I was a runner up for so long and I just wanted to hang up the heels and walk away.

“Crowns are not made of crystals and diamonds, they’re made of resilience, grace, determination, strength and self-belief”

The Pulse would like to congratulate Ophelia on her success.

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