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It’s a new year and for once I have decided to make some New Year’s resolutions, wait scratch that LIFE GOALS (positive lingo and all that).

I’ve decided that I need to lose weight and what better way to do it than use the self-help books I spent money on and have never used!

The first book I’ll be attempting to lose weight with is Paul McKenna’s “I Can Make You Thin” (mate, you are in for a challenge!!)

Paul McKenna takes things from a mind perspective, he’s all about breaking the patterns of unhealthy eating.

He has 4 rules:

  1. When you are hungry – EAT! I’m sat there thinking, YES I can do this!! I love eating! However, he’s talking about actual hunger and not for boredom. His DVD addresses that
  2. Eat what you want – food needs to inspire you for you to enjoy it.
  3. Eat consciously – enjoy eating and taste every mouthful – let the serotonin that is released when you enjoy eating to release slower. This is going to be difficult for me as I usually eat on the go.
  4. When you feel full – stop eating. Paul suggests that you should not go to the extremes of the hunger scale.

I’ll be doing this alongside Joe Wicks’ “Lean in 15” meal ideas and following the workouts from The Body Coach on Facebook.

What I like about these Paul and Joe is that none of them are calorie counting or banning chocolate. There is also a lot of emphasis on drinking water. Both of them mention that hunger and dehydration can be mixed up.

I set out on a challenge to complete this for 5 days straight.

I found this quite easy on the first, managed to cook some tasty but healthy meals. However, it is VERY hard to eat soup slowly! I have noticed that I haven’t eaten as much as I normally to, and threw away the left overs of my sweet potato cottage pie (recommended recipe). Downside is that I’ve drunk so much water I need to pee ALL THE TIME!

Joe Wicks is also doing HIIT workouts three times a week on Facebook live, so I joined in with him today. So very hard, I best not miss any!

The next day started off promising, I had a tasty protein smoothie for breakfast and made my healthy sandwiches ready for my day. Then I got to work…. All I had in my head was Paul McKenna – eat what you want, when you want and working next to Essentials meant that I was craving the whole shop. I literally snacked all day. I stopped eating when I was full and did only snack when I felt hungry, but I’m ashamed of just how much chocolate I ate! Worst thing was I ached so much! I couldn’t walk properly, I felt like Ariana Grande Side to Side was about me, just from the work out!

The aching continued until the next day which meant I missed the next HIIT workout… so much for keeping up today. I do have to agree that Lean in 15 do so right tasty meals, and if you bulk buy and freeze, it doesn’t actually cost you that much!

Now I’ve completed 5 days I can tell you that I feel more energetic (probably due to the water). It was hard trying to complete this when eating at a friend’s house, or on date night. But I found my portion sizes decreasing and wanting to eat less salty food (apart from popcorn).

There is no way I’ll see body changing results in 5 days so only time will tell if Paul McKenna and really make me thin!

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