Kirsty Moody - Lifestyle Editor

So once again, we all hear the “it’s a new year, I’m going to stick to my new year resolutions”.
The “new year, new me” and no one actually changes anything causing a rampage of people moaning on social media claiming they’re sick of seeing people post this.
But we have joined the band wagon and here are the lovely editors of The Pulse and their resolutions.
Sana Iqbal, Students’ Union President “be stricter to myself and sticking to prayer times for my beliefs”
Emma Rosemurgey, Online Editor “to stop snooping online and looking at stuff that I know will upset me i.e. with ex boyfriends
Joe Young, Politics Editor “to stop stalking people’s twitters”
Hannah Mason, Editor in Chief “to plan more fun things to distract me from the stress of work”
Caitlin Mclaren, Culture Editor “to start being selfish with my own money instead of giving it away so I’m skint all the time”
Kirsty Moody, Lifestyle Editor “to stick to my goal of losing weight for graduation and growing my hair out to donate”
Tracey Ackrell, Comment Editor “I don’t really have one except to not allow anything or anyone to distract me from my goal”
Laura Creighton, Deputy Politics Editor “I don’t do resolutions but I am trying to save up £2000 by September (currently accepting donations)

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