[FROM THE PAPER] NUS Delegates: Open Now

By Laura Creighton - Deputy Politics Editor

Nominations are now open for those wishing to represent the university at the annual NUS conference. UCLan are sending six delegates to the conference, alongside SU President Sana Iqbal. This year’s conference will take place in Brighton on the 25-27 April 2017.

An additional three delegate spots are open for the NUS Women’s Campaign Conference on the 28-30, as well as a total of five delegates for the LGBT Campaign conference held on the 7-9 March 2017.

The NUS conference will debate and vote on what the NUS will campaign on in the current year, as well as who will be running the NUS the following year. Other issues subject to debate may include tuition fees, student accommodation, and quality of education, amongst others.

The nominations will close on 7 November at 3pm with voting opening on 16 November. Voting will close on 17 November, and the results are scheduled to be announced later that day. All those running will be subject to Quiz the Candidates prior to their campaign commencing.

Nominations are live on the SU website for people to nominate themselves for any of these conferences. Other positions open for nomination include School President for the School of Dentistry, and Clubs and Societies can elect their committee members for the current year.

Those wishing to put themselves forward can do so via bit.do/uclanvote or email suelections@uclan.ac.uk  for more information.

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