[FROM THE PAPER] PSTV Bring Home National Award

Hannah Mason, Editor-in-Chief

PSTV volunteers have returned to UCLan with the pride of holding a National Student Television Association Award.

The first weekend of April brought one of the biggest events of the year to student media, the National Student Television Association Awards.

The National Student Television Association, (NaSTA) is a representative body designed and governed by volunteers for student television, dating back to 1973. NaSTA exists to not only draw new and existing student television stations together from across the country, but also to provide the platform upon which stations can work together, overcome problems and inspire a like-minded community of students & student television stations from across the country.

The awards evening itself consists of 23 awards, across a variety of categories from; news to sports, Freshers coverage to best live stream, an array of awards to cover all aspects of student television.

PSTV, UCLan Students’ Union’s student television station, last year hosted the awards after a successful bid to the NaSTA executive team. Over the last two years PSTV have come away from the awards with a Highly Commended award, Best Technical in 2014 and the Tim Marshall Special Recognition Award in 2015.

This year, PSTV submitted entries to 12 categories, entering shows like Red Hot Review, Head to Head, footage from Freshers and more. However, it was in the writing category were the station came out on top.


PSTV celebrate their success.

PSTV beat off the competition to be awarded a NasTA award for ‘Best Writing’ for ‘Love on the Rocks.’ The category focused on the best scripts submitted by stations across the country, the award wasn’t genre specific meaning an array of scripts were submitted, such as; documentary, drama, live, news, comedy or anything else. The brief meant the script couldn’t be any more than 30 pages and had to be submitted alongside a short 5 minute video which would bring a small part of the script to life.

The script, a piece written by all round student media volunteer Luke Meyers, featured music from The Darkness, creating a fresh musical script. Each NaSTA awards category is judged by somebody who works in the film and media industry, the ‘Best Writing’ category was judge by Matthew Graham. Matthew is a screenwriter and is best known for his work on ‘Life on Mars’ and ‘Doctor Who.’

In Matthew Graham’s feedback to the station he said, “really enjoyed this one a lot! Very funny and great songs but at the same time it felt like a fresh take on musicals. Part West End Show and part experimental theatre. Something like this could go down well at Edinburgh Fringe. I especially loved Philys and Katie and their dinner lady mantra. The dialogue felt fresh and credible too – the most so of all the entries. Well done!”

The judges were also given room to recommend improvements to each piece of work, with Matthew sharing there was “not much to suggest other than I wish each song was longer and more developed into “a number.”

PSTV received a strong score of 19/20 which left the firmly in place for first place.

Hannah Mason, Media Officer attended the event and shared her joy on the PSTV success.

“Words can’t describe how proud I am of the PSTV team. We genuinely didn’t expect to win because we were up against a lot of bigger stations. Our main aim was making sure we submitted to as many categories as possible and getting a group of us over to Leeds for the conference and the awards. So to come away with a national award is phenomenal.”

“I’m so happy for Luke, he’s a fantastic media volunteer and it’s great to see how well received his script was. We’ve also received feedback in our other categories and we literally just missed out on a couple more awards. Maybe next year, wait definitely next year!”

Luke, a second year Acting student, joined PSTV just a few months ago after being involved in Frequency Radio and also attended the ceremony in Leeds.

“I am utterly over the moon, I still can’t quite believe it. It’s unreal.” Pluto asked Luke where he wanted to see his script go next.

“Now we need to find somebody who can compose and is willing to arrange the music for us. In order to film the musical, which hopefully we can do next year, we will need a full libretto. Music is the next vital step.”

Luke NaSTA

Luke Meyers, award winning script writer

PSTV Station Manager, second year Television Production student Ariana Scott, lead the PSTV team throughout the entire NaSTA process and spoke to Pluto about the station’s success.

“Being a part of PSTV itself is incredibly rewarding. Being there at the moment that PSTV won the Best Writing award was just something else. The buzz amongst the small group was just beyond words. I am extremely proud of the team and the hard work that the few committed people put in.”

PSTV did well in other NaSTA categories, just missing out on winning Highly Commended awards in the Light Entertainment and the Freshers Coverage categories. The Light Entertainment submission was PSTV’s new show, Red Hot Review, came third in the category and the judge fed back was “such an original and strong concept.” Freshers Coverage brought a montage of footage which also came third in its category with the judge commenting, “great integration of showing off the Freshers events and those in the local area.”

Pluto asked Ariana what’s next for PSTV and how they’re going to approach next year’s NaSTA.

“I think this NaSTA win has created a buzz amongst members of PSTV and its looking hopeful that next year we will have a strong crew of committed members. Once new managers are selected I think PSTV will be working hard to go to NaSTA Awards next year and win more awards!”

UCLan SU Student Media is currently undergoing its volunteer recruitment process for the new managerial teams, if you’re interested in leading PSTV to more NaSTA success or being involved in the other platforms you can apply here: http://pluto-online.com/volunteer-with-us/

Pluto would like to formally congratulate our media siblings, PSTV, on their NaSTA success. Well done everyone!

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