[FROM THE PAPER] Should We Pay The TV Licence?

By Sarah Johnson - Reporter

Moving to University puts you in debt straight away and you have to learn to budget and be responsible with money. One issue which most students overlook is a TV License which is now being brought into question if every student should pay for one.

A TV license allows you to watch live television or record any programmes whether be on an actual television or an online service and not get in trouble for it. A TV license costs £145.50 to cover you for a year. However, if you are caught without a license then you can be fined up to £1000 in certain areas of the UK. Many student accommodations do not come with a television in first year so getting a TV License would not be necessary for most students and will be more money wasted when they could be spending it on more important things. Second year accommodation properties will come with a television and the TV license will be included in the contract that you sign which will cover everyone in the flat. Students should only pay for a license if they have a television which they have bought to university themselves as that is their responsibility and it is their decision if they want to get a license or risk getting fined a lot of money.

Is it really beneficial to charge every student for a license when they may not even have a television in their flat or should companies stick to what they are doing and stop trying to ease money out of anyone they can?

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