FROM THE PAPER: Sports Arena to host fitness challenge

Photo by Bill Boaden / CC BY-SA

By Karan Gadhia – Deputy Sports Editor

Tomorrow, the UCLan Sports Arena will host an Ultimate Fitness Challenge.

The challenge is designed to be a target for students that made New Year resolutions to build up their fitness.

The teams have been preparing for the event with a six-week fitness plan with each week based on the challenges in the event.

The 28 students have been split into seven teams of four and will be taking part in various challenges that will test their strength, endurance and teamwork.

Sam Cadwallader, who is a Sports Motivator at the Arena, said: “It’s been really good so far, the seven teams signed up pretty quickly and we’ve been really impressed with them so far.

“We’ve got a Facebook group with everyone in where we announce the weekly workouts and the engagement has been fab.”





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