[FROM THE PAPER] Stop With the Sequels, Spin Offs and Remakes

By Caitlin Mclaren - Culture Editor

There have been a few disappointing films in the past few years that I’ve been really excited for. It seems that the worse are the ones where the perfect film was created but then ruined by a sequel created what seems a million years later.

I went to go see Zoolander 2, the first one being one of my favourite films because of the daft comedy involved and it was just outright fun. When I was watching this one though, I felt an awkward uncomfortable feeling where I felt that they were just simply trying too hard. It’s not the first time I’ve felt like this either – Dumb and Dumber 2 completely destroyed the first one. It’s got me thinking, have film makers just simply ran out of ideas? Now I’m not talking about sequels that are made a few years later but when you are talking around 10/15 years I think it’s a complete joke. There’s just no need.

There are a few films when you are growing up that you believe should just be kept in a section of cinema that should have some sort of sacred stamp whereby they’re left to become a classic. Ultimately, this would stop film makers digging a film that’s barely twenty years old and completely recasting. The one which annoyed me more than others is Jumanji. Robin Williams executed the part so perfectly and it was quite simply timeless. It needed no updating as generations after generations are guaranteed to enjoy. But oh no, one of our childhood favourites are going to be remade and who knows who will be cast. In a way, I almost see it as disrespectful towards the late Williams purely for the fact that it didn’t need to be touched. He himself provided a mass amount of happiness to a lot of people’s lives.

Now if the cheesy sequels and ridiculous remakes aren’t enough, we’ve got the annoyance of the spin off. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes spin offs as a standalone film can be successful and quite enjoyable. As the Harry Potter franchise is well and truly buried (and it should be left that way), is there any need to provide more films? Now I understand that it is purely for money butthen it just takes the shine off the originals. I am excited for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them but it feels like overkill.

So in light of film actually being a work of art, why not make it unique. I’d much rather a book which is a completely new concept and create a whole different franchise than keep nit-picking from those that have been and gone. A little bit of creativity wouldn’t go a miss!

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