[FROM THE PAPER] The Rise of Adult Animation

By Georgie Clark - Reporter

I surely cannot be the only one to gasp in total horror when, watching a treasured childhood film again as an adult, you suddenly understand a plainly filthy joke made by one of your favourite characters.
It is the best and worst feeling. However, these hidden gems of dark comedy are what makes films such as The Incredibles, Shrek, Toy Story and hundreds of others so watchable as young adults.
For example: Monster House, a popular children’s animation from 2006. The characters, whilst discussing the details of the house in question, exclaim that ‘if those are the teeth, then that must be the uvulva!’ (spolier: the house is alive and a female, for those unfortunate enough to not have seen the film) when one character responds with ‘well, it must be a female house then’, obviously suggesting knowledge of the… ah hem, female anatomy.
So, if these kinds of techniques can keep us interested in movies involving talking wooden cowboys and flatulent ogres, surely there must specifically directed at adults, with no childish quips or story- lines in sight?
There are presumably people out there that would be reluctant to pay the seemingly millions of pounds that it costs at the cinema to watch an animated film, whether it was aimed at adults or not.
As trips to Odeon and Vue are so ridiculously pricy these days,
As trips to Odeon and Vue are so ridiculously pricy these days, most people would rather use their hard- earned money to go for a cheeky Nando’s or rinse the Miss Selfridge sale. Films have to be meticulously vetted to decide whether it is worth spending so much cash to go to see them and usually, unless a sequel to a previously successful movie is being highly anticipated, people don’t seem to bother. I asked several of my friends who seemed to agree that unless they were sure a film was going to be groundbreaking, they would probably just watch it online.
Sadly, this may mean that adult animations such as Sausage Party wouldn’t get much of a chance, as few people would choose to see it with their parents or on a first date. However, due to having such a star-studded cast that have created movies such as Pineapple Express and This Is The End, this particular movie will probably receive insanely high ratings simply down to it containing dynamic duo James Franco and Seth Rogan.
Unfortunately, this film seems to be an exception in what may be limited success within adult animation. The public are already aware that the actors and actresses in Sausage Party will guarantee it to be hilarious, but I fear that following productions may be overlooked due to the ridiculous prices of the cinema and also the fact that without a well-known cast, people may merely chuckle at an advert they see for it and then move on with their lives.
The charm of childhood animations lie with memories of watching them with your family and also the juxtaposition of an innocent, fairytale story- line combined with occasional witticisms about sex and politics and without these important factors, adult animation may not stand much of a chance.

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