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The Students’ Union Building is in the centre of the campus, hence the name ‘Atrium’.

I have no idea how many people pass through its doors each day or how many people use it. I know it’s a lot because the shop is usually busy when I go in there and it is, on accession, hard to find a seat; a nice comfy one at least, in the Atrium.

I personally use the building every day, except for weekends. I get coffee and food from Starbucks.

The baked potatoes are cheaper than in the cafeterias and almost twice the size!

I’ve had training there, society meetings, Pulse Media, Radio and TV are based in the building, and I have used the shop Essentials to buy, well exactly as it says, essentials.

It is also where the Students’ Union Advice and Representation Centre is; where you can get advice on housing, academic matters as well as health and wellbeing, to mention but a few things.

The Print Shop is there as well as the Source Bar, which holds many events such as karaoke and quiz nights.

There is even a table tennis table upstairs in the Atrium and a piano downstairs outside Essentials if you fancied playing either.

Both are used on many occasions although the piano has caused annoyance to a few.

So, to get to my point! How is it that a person can be in their second year of University and not step one foot into the building and even more bizarrely not even know of its existence?!

I went to a training meeting and was lost for words, (a rarity to say the least), when I heard this.

Then someone else said that she had never stepped into the building before either; although she was in her first year and had at least heard of it.

Both people had never been on a campus tour. One said she couldn’t be bothered; her choice, of course.

I personally would have been petrified to turn up on my first day and not know the basic lay out of the campus.

I did an Open Day Tour and I did Flying Start, (a weekend residential which prepares you for University), which was invaluable to me.

They saved me valuable time getting between classes on my first week and took away any unnecessary fear.

Anyway; it may be too late to go on a campus tour but it is not too late to visit the Students’ Union Building. Just pop in and have a look around.

You don’t have to buy anything or do anything; however, you might surprise yourself and like it.

Also, there may be a time when you might need to go there like those two girls and wouldn’t it be better if you knew where to find it before then!

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