[FROM THE PAPER] Tips for launching your campaign on Social Media

Caitlin Mclaren - Culture Editor

Social Media is a massive part of campaign week, so get your Facebook pages designed and all your content up so that you can start appealing to people outside your circle! Here are some tips on how to start your page properly!

Publish Regularly

If you want to attract attention, then the obvious thing to do is start publishing regularly about anything and everything to do with your campaign. This will attract attention from students from a target audience that you may never have thought about approaching. The good thing about social media is you can edit and put your best foot forward so if you feel like you aren’t getting your point across then social media will be a great platform for you!

Engage with Followers

So you get a question on one of your points that you have made, or someone asking where you are for chat then make sure you reply! Get someone to control your page if you feel like you can’t keep up with it! Someone who is savvy with social media to keep you updated on really important parts of your page and to answer people promptly.

Wow Followers

Do unexpected things, don’t go ‘live’ all the time as your followers will get fed up of the notifications. Instead, every now and again go live. Broadcast yourself on important events to excite people. Post your location regularly so you will be able to keep in touch!

Make Content Sharable

Make sure all your privacy settings are all okay for people to start sharing your information so that others can begin to be interested in what you have to say. This will allow your campaigns team to help you approach a wider audience. By creating images and videos, it will be excellent for the promo of yourself.

Bring Lots of Energy

Always be positive! Be positive all the time! Your followers will pick up on your negativity. A simple smile will help you look at lot more friendly and approachable in person. It is so easy to do! Just be yourself really, it will be hard after a long week of campaigning but keep picking yourself up! The weekend will be for sleep!



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