[FROM THE PAPER] Top 5 Campaign films for you to get inspired

Caitlin Mclaren - Culture Editor

Feeling rather down in dumps? Has campaigns week treated you harshly and you need a little bit of inspiring? Focus on these 5 films which will get you back on your feet in no time and you’ll be ready to go out and boss the rest of your campaign week!

The Campaign

The campaign is a comedy focusing on North Carolina’s elections. North Carolina’s 14th district is about to select its new Congressman – and they look to be stuck with Camden Brady (Will Ferrell) for his fourth term because he has no opponent to challenge him. When he makes a blunder in his campaign, his numbers begin to drop. Many turn against him and decide his career is over and turn to the son of an ex-congressman to try and battle Brady.


Another comedy entry! You’ll be able to relate to this one a little more though as it focuses on high school elections. Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon) is running for school president, I mean why not? She’s the perfect girl for the job, a pretty, likeable young girl. In fact, she’s that popular that she’s running unopposed. This is when the football team convince their captain to go against her. Another twist occurs when his sister decides to run.

The Candidate

An oldie here, but nevertheless, a classic. A lawyer from California has shaped his career by helping out the little man all his life. He is persuaded to run for senate in the upcoming elections. He agrees that he will do it, not to win but to address certain issues that the state has.

Mean Girls

Now, I don’t need to tell you why this film is so inspiring to everyone but I will nevertheless explain the plot to those who have never seen it (I mean how you haven’t is a mystery and you should stop what you are doing straight away and watch it ASAP). Cadie has moved from Africa and has made the jump from homeschooling to being thrown right in the heart of an American High School. She ends up in a grown known as ‘The Plastics’ who she plans to sabotage because of their fakeness. In trying to complete her plan, she gets nominated for the queen of her prom.


Now what would this list be without a biopic, this film focuses on the rise of Harvey Milk. He was the first man who was openly gay that ran for a position in office. He ultimately changed the way people perceived the gay culture and ultimately changed what it meant to be a fighter for human rights.


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