[FROM THE PAPER] UCLan Holds Hate Crime Event

By Isaan Khan - Deputy News Editor

Hate Crime Conference to be held at UCLan. The event, organised by UCLan’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences, is bringing together a number of organisations from various sectors, including leaders from the statutory and community sector.

The conference has set out a group of key aims; to raise awareness of what hate crime is and what hate incidents are, to raise awareness of 3rd party reporting centres, in a bid to collaborate agencies to tackle and improve the reporting of hate crimes, and finally to identify ways of improving the quality of support offered to victims.

The Police and Crown Prosecution Service established a common definition of hate incidents. They say something is a hate incident if “the victim or anyone else think it was motivated by hostility or prejudice” based on one of the following things; disability, race, religion, transgender identity or sexual orientation. All police forces record hate incidents based on these five personal characteristics and anyone can be the victim of a hate incident. When hate incidents become criminal offences they are then referred to as hate crimes. A criminal offence is something which breaks the law of the land.

The Hate Crime Conference will be held on Wednesday 11th May and runs from 10-3pm and is held in the university’s Darwin Building, the event is free and open to anyone.
Speakers at the event include PC Aieysha Bana (Equality and Diversity Officer) and Chief Inspector Ian Mills (Lancashire Constabulary). There will also be opportunities for discussion and networking.

UCLan Students’ Union’s Advice and Representation Centre is also a third party reporting centre for students to use. The centre can be found on the ground floor of the Student’ Union and offers free, confidential advice in a professional but friendly, relaxed environment. They also have hate crime reporting forms for students to complete, allowing students to receive the appropriate support from an advisor.

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