FROM THE PAPER: Wakeboarding club surf to victory

By Jack Wynne – Sports Editor

Last month, UCLan’s Thomas Hall, finished 1st in the open men’s category of the Roses wakeboarding event at the Salford Watersports Centre.

The event featured competitors from both Lancaster and York University.

There was a category for beginners as well as an open category – both men and women took part in the event.

Riders accumulated points for style and consistency, whilst the number of obstacles they successfully completed was also taken into account.

Other UCLan representatives on the day included Nathanial Anderson, who achieved a 4th place finish in the open men’s category, whilst Sarah Knowles also finished 4th in the open women’s category.

Anderson, the club secretary expressed his delight at the success UCLan had achieved at the tournament.

“It was a great effort from everyone, considering it was the club and each individual’s first competition.

“It was a perfect day in Salford Wake Park and all the universities were very inviting.

“The majority of people riding were entering the rookie’s competition which is a real positive for wakeboarding. It is brilliant to see so many new people entering the sport!”

Next up for the club is a trip to the Student Wakeboard Nationals at Sheffield Wake Park, which takes place from the 17th – 19th June and features teams from all over the UK.

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