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We all have that one dreaded software we HAVE to use for deadlines. Mines adobe. Specifically, InDesign. I have to use this software for literally every project, including this paper.

I have spent months on this software and when it works it is fantastic, it creates amazing pieces of work because you can focus on so many details. Then there’s the times it doesn’t work.

I spent about a month planning out one of my fashion reports in InDesign, for the day before my deadline for it to not export my file to a pdf. It gave me no explanation; it just wouldn’t work.

There have also been times when the software would just crash and “stop working”, why? Again, no explanation.15423551_10210448373378277_934309540_n

Now, this may just have been my HP laptop which I’ve had for three years, not handling the software as of course I had Photoshop and illustrator running in the background.

It’s not just me that has the problem, so many times I’ve had class mates asking if my adobe was working. To which I normally replied with “nope”.

Now to add more insult to the fact it crashed during a deadline, I then received an email the next day saying they had authorised a cancellation. I hadn’t even cancelled the software.

When I first started using adobe, I thought the software was amazing, I thought nothing could go wrong, until the software started to mess up.

Not only does it do this quite often, but also paying for something that fails makes it even worse. Especially as a student who doesn’t receive enough funding to pay her rent, it’s a lot to pay for a software which decides as and when it wants to work.

Working with temperamental software is not helpful. Especially in final year!

Do you have any software which constantly fails? Let us know!

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